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neutron capture reaction

tumor selective killing without damage for adjacent normal tissue.
 Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) is a targeted radiation therapy that significantly increases the therapeutic ratio relative to conventional radio therapeutic modalities. BNCT is a binary approach: A boron-10 (10B)-labeled compound is administered that delivers high concentrations of 10B to the target tumor relative to surrounding normal tissues. This is followed by irradiation with thermal neutrons or epithermal neutrons that become thermalized at depth in tissues. The short range (5-9 micrometer) high energy of the alpha and 7Li particles released from the 10B(n,alpha) 7Li neutron capture reaction make tumor selective killing without damage for adjacent normal brain tissue.
Previous results

 This is the treatment result sinece 1990 at Kyoto Unive rsity Reactor (KUR). We got a satisfactory result for anaplastic astrocytoma (AA) with BNCT compared to conventional chemo-radiotherapy, while that for glioblastoma (GBM) was not so good. Therefore to improve the result for GBM, we modified several points as described below.

 We started to use epithermal neutron instead of thermal neutron to obtain good penetration for deep-seated lesion. Second, we used simultaneously 2 different boron compounds (BSH and BPA) with different accumulation mechanism to tumor cells. Third, we utilized dose simulation work station (SERA). Fourth, positron emmision tomography (PET) has been applied for the estimation of the boron compound accumulation prior to BNCT.




With these improvements, even the patients with deep-seated tumor can be treated without craniotomy with short hospital stay.

BNCT without craniotomy

(kyoto university reactor)

Dose Planning Workstation~SERA


Representative Case  

 Antitumor activity was observed as early as 48 hours after BNCT and the shrikage of the tumor and tumor-related edema was also observed more than 5 weeks.
 The patient has been well and enjoys his life with his wife at home..


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