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Jul.2-Jul.27, 2018

Seoul National University

Osaka Medical College Reflection Essay

Kim Do Won

6th year student
Seoul National University School of Medicine


 Osaka Medical College provided meaningful experiences for me and I cannot forget these experiences forever. I learned the Japanese medical culture and atmosphere of Japanese hospital as well as I learned what I want to be. In fact, I was worried about that I heard OMC elective course schedule is busy and demanding. But, it was not. All doctors and students welcomed me and taught very well with kindness. It was very educative for me and impressive.

 In the OMC, I want to learn about the Japanese medical systems for geriatric medicine. Korean population also gets older and older, and we have to deal with and solve this problem. So, I want to learn how the Japanese hospital is dealing with super-aged society and also want to see directly.

 OMC program was very special. Instead of staying only one department, we rotated a different department every day. And it was perfect for my goal.

Also, it was great that I can make foreign friends. Students of Hawaii, Taiwan, OMC were very kind and good people and I experienced funny and wonderful experiences with them. Finally, we went to Japanese national centers including National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, Cerebral and Cardiovascular center and Mishima Emergency Critical Care Center. It was a good opportunity not only to watch how Japan deals with super-aged society but to watch best care for the patients.

 I was very impressed that the Japanese medical system is very equipped for elderly people. The national insurance systems are well equipped for super-aged society and also hospital and national center has good programs for elderly people. I was very delighted to learn about the Japanese medical system and medical culture. Even though these good systems, the problem of Japanese medical field remains. And the doctors explained their own opinions to solve these problems, it was good chance to think about the future of Korean medical society.

 I was surprised that how friendly the doctors and medical students are. In Korean medical field, there is a kind of the relationship between subordinates and superiors and the atmosphere of hospital is very strict and hard. Because the doctor’s job is to deal with the life of human, maybe it is natural that the atmosphere of hospital is cold and strict. But, Japanese hospital was not. They were very friendly each other, even between the senior doctor and medical students. I felt very warm atmosphere and I was very envious for that.

 Although my goal was to learn about Japanese Geriatric medicine and health care system, I was so impressed by the outpatient clinic of pediatric orthopedics. The doctor was very kind and also he knows how to handle the children. He draws an Anpanman and other cartoon characters very well and can soothe a crying baby. Most of all, he knows how to persuade and encourage the parents of children. I’m so impressed about that. After finished that day schedule, I went back home and I wrote a note for that day’s experience. Because I didn’t want to forget that precious experiences.

 The elective course of Osaka Medical College was one of the best choice that I’ve chosen in my life. I learned and experienced not only what I want to be but also what I have to do. It was good opportunity for thinking the way forward of Korean medical systems and the way forward of my doctor’s life. I cannot forget this wonderful, dream-like experiences and I bet after I become a doctor, I will visit Osaka Medical College again. Thank you OMC.