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Jul.2-Jul.27, 2018

Seoul National University

Osaka Medical College Essay

Baek Seung Chul

6th year student
Seoul National University School of Medicine


 This year is my last year in university. Next year I will be a doctor. Many doctors in my school said that “Medical student’s schedule is harsh, but Doctor’s schedule is much more harsher.” I was always sad when I heard that. I kept thinking how to make my last year beautiful. I have never studied abroad, so I decided to take opportunity to study abroad. I thought it can make my last year beautiful.

 I was happy when I travelled Japan before, so I decided to go to Japan. Especially my seniors who visited Osaka Medical College said that people in Osaka medical college and Nakayama international center are very kind and Schedule in OMC is systemically good. So I selected OMC for my elective course.

 As they said, Now I can also say that OMC Doctors are very kind and my schedule was good systematically. I could experience Japanese medical system which was patient-friendly and effective.

 I want to be a orthopedic surgeon. So I was looking forward to visit orthopedic surgery department. When I visited orthopedic surgery department, I was amazed. In my country, orthopedic surgery department is represented by the word “Macho”. The operation room is filled with shouts and anger from the professor to junior doctors. So all the doctors and nurses are very strict. I think a little anger and direction is necessary for efficiency. But In OMC, There was no shouts and only friendly doctors, even though the system was truly effective. All the Doctors, nurses, and medical staffs were doing their job well. At that time I told the doctors and professors that I’m interested in orthopedics. From that, all doctors started to explain deeply about all the things they do. It was good to hear for my study. I appreciate OMC orthopedics department that I could join the surgery in a very close distance.

 Patient-oriented medical system is very impressive. Many departments can cooperative for only one patient. When I visited Chemotherapy department, I heard about the stage IV cancer patient’s case which was very challenging. Another day when I visited enterology, I heard about the same case from different focus. I could compare two different focus from two department. And optical treatment plan is decided by combination of many professor’s opinion and also patient’s preference. This hospital’s system is good. Not only one professor visiting the Patient but many professor visited the patient and heard to their words. Basic science departments like pharmacology, Physiology were also interesting. Before I visit, I know about the strong research power of Japan. I could see that power in my eyes. There were many researchers who seemed to enjoy their jobs. And Level of experiment device was almost same as my university.

 I think, it’s important to invest money for basic science. Japan and OMC seemed to understand the significance of it. I want to be a clinician, not researcher. But It was touching to see researcher’s attitude about their job and equipment of laboratory. Thanks to nakayama center for giving me a chance to visit two other national center and other two hospital’s emergency department. Visiting two other hospital’s emergency departments was very interesting experience. It was good for me to understand Japan’s emergency medicine system. Transferring system was well established especially in emergency department. I could see the doctor helicopter and DMAT system in Osaka university hospital and I could also see the transfer system and Japanese emergency room and DMAT system in Mishima critical care center. I was amazed about the high-level system.

 Koreans are getting older and older. I am also interested in geriatric medicine. Treating elderly people is complicating process. Japan is super-aged society. OMC’s all departments knows how to treat elderly people well. It was just great for my studying. And I could visit the national center of geriatrics and gerontology. I could see equipment to rehabilitation, dementia-specialized ward and all thing for Quality of life of elderly people. It was good experience and I want to establish that system for elderly in our country. Thanks nakayama center for arranging schedule with other hospital.

 I think that Japan’s medical system is clinically in a very high level. And I also think that japan is very high level in a basic science. All people I met at OMC was working hard to their job. They look like that they must have a vocation for their work. That hard-working is power for Japan’s medical system can improve always. I was very happy at the OMC. There are many many kind people. All the doctors, and teachers in nakayama center, and all student I met in OMC are very kind. Even outside the OMC, all Japanese people are so kind. I’m touched.

  And I was satisfied with my apartment room , especially its location. I could tour Osaka and Kyoto very conveniently. Also there were no foreigner in Takatsuki so I experienced life which is almost same with the daily life of Japanese people and I could learn daily life Japanese. And I can enjoy delicious food in Japan. Usage of OMC’s cafeteria is also interesting experience.

 My experience in japan will motivate me to study hard. I sincerely want to re-visit OMC. Thanks to all the staff and students who left lasting memory.