2. Founding Ethos

The founder of the former Osaka Medical College Foundation Wataru Yoshizu wished the graduates devote their lives to medicine 'to save the world with sincerity', and once said 'the mission of a medical institution is pursuing researches along with medical education, and is completed only when applied to the actual medicine'.

The original principles in those days included the hospital practice in the Asian and the South American countries where Japanese immigrants had settled and medical service was limited.

The word 'salvation' Yoshizu mentioned was based on humanity, which shares some value with 'integrity', the best expression used for one's personality. This grand personality 'integrity' is equivalent to what Mengzi refers to as 'the way to sincerity'. 'Sincerity is therefore, is the way to the heaven. Acting with sincerity is the way to humanity. Those who talk of sincerity but without actions do not have it yet, one cannot act good and well without sincerity.'

This idea has been learnt and remembered since the time of Mengzi through the present, and I would like to propose we set the phrase 'medicine with sincerity' to be our spirit of establishment, replacing the word 'salvation'.