2. Graduate School of Medicine

Contributing to the development of medical science, pursuing one’s specialties.

The graduate school, founded in 1959, offers medical research courses as 4-year doctoral programs.

Based on our founding ethos of “No medicine without academic pursuit”, extensive research is carried out in each respective field.

While educating and training medical professionals with advanced research skills and the latest medical knowledge, we will continue to contribute to the development of modern medical science.


Division Department
Division of Medical Research Anatomy and Cell Biology
Innovative Medicine
Microbiology and Infection Control
Hygiene and Public Health
Legal Medicine
Internal Medicine (I)
Internal Medicine (II)
Internal Medicine (III)
Dentistry and Oral Surgery
Obstetrics and Gynecology
General and Gastroenterological Surgery
Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
Clinical and Laboratory Medicine
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Rehabilitation Medicine
Emergency Medicine

Three Policies (Graduate School of Medicine)

Admission Policy

We welcome highly motivated students who have deep understanding and respect for the principles stipulated in the College Regulations:

  • ①  By teaching and studying the theories and applications of medical science, and by understanding them in depth, we contribute to the advancement of culture.
  • ②  As an independent researcher, we develop the research capability required for the conduct of research and acquire abundant knowledge that will be the basis of that capability.

Curriculum Policy

We will nurture advanced medical professionals and medical researchers, conforming to the following objective and principle:

  • ①  Objective
    Contributing to the growth of society through the education of medical professionals and medical researchers with advanced medical knowledge and skills.
  • ②  Principle
    Developing students’ advanced research capabilities in order for them to become international leaders in medicine/medical care, having the deep sense of humanity and abundant knowledge.

Diploma Policy

We will grant a Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine to those who have studied at the College for at least four years, acquired at least 30 credits, submitted a doctoral thesis after receiving the necessary research guidance, and passed the final exam as a result of the assessment of the doctoral thesis.
However, with regard to the period of attendance at the College, three years will be considered sufficient for those who have achieved outstanding results.