2. Faculty of Nursing
  3. Special Features

1. Choose your own Career Course.

In order to provide career path freedom, all students are able to take the National Nursing Examination. By choosing their required courses, about 40 students qualify to take the National Nursing Examination and 6 students qualify to take the National Obstetrics Examination.

2. Fostering talent that can work anywhere.

In order to provide the basic knowledge and know-how to support working in many environments, certain subjects related to public health are required courses. Additional electives in the fields of practical nursing development, public health nursing, and midwifery are also available.

3. Interdisciplinary education through the fusion of education in medicine and nursing.

Students from both the Medical and Nursing Faculties engage in class discussions and training together to create a strong foundation for team-based medical care. First year students do group work under the theme, "Being a Responsible Medical-Professional," and third years participate in a joint clinical conference.

4. Guaranteed quality of education and an enriching student life.

Basic and specialized courses are taught by full-time teachers of the Faculties of Nursing and Medicine. All courses, except practical courses, are offered on a routine weekly schedule.