2. Faculty of Nursing
  3. Greetings from the Dean

The Faculty of Nursing was inaugurated in April 2010. The diploma nursing school, which has fostered more than 4,000 nurses over the past 83 years, was closed in March 2012, whereby nursing education at Osaka Medical College was integrated as part of a four-year undergraduate program.
Nursing education has always progressed with the times, being influenced by societal demand amid changes in society and medical care. Under such circumstances, the "four-year college" concept was extensively discussed in our college during the era of President Mamoru Fujimoto. After 14 years involving many twists and turns, we finally achieved the establishment of the Division of Nursing at the Faculty of Nursing, which was long our dearest wish. Going back even further in our history of nursing education, one can find a precious record of the fact that our first president, Shin-ichi Matsumoto, had in or around 1948 examined the concept of a four-year college (Nursing Science Course, Division of Health Science) as a school of registered nurse and public health nurse. One can see this fact in the "Outline of the College with the Concept of the Faculty of Biology" written by President Matsumoto. Based on the situation back then not long after the war-I suspect that President Matsumoto had been influenced by the GHQ.
The two main pillars to which the Faculty aspires are "education for identity in nursing" and "fusion of education in medicine and nursing." Through the "education for identity in nursing" we teach nursing science as an academic subject and provide students with education so that they will acquire the expertise, skills and attitude required for nursing profession. This form of education encourages the practical nursing ability by which one can think, make decisions and act, all from the reasoned perspective of nursing. Through the "fusion of education in medicine and nursing" we provide students of the Faculties of Nursing and Medicine with education that facilitates the firm establishment of the common foundation that supports the medical-professional mind, inter-discipline and ethics as medical experts in a shared learning environment. It's the form of education that develops a student's comprehensive ability as a health care professional who can promote team approach to health care.

We at the Faculty of Nursing strive to provide high-quality nursing education by making the most of the special features of our College. As always, we seek to fulfill our social responsibility through research and social contributions.